Post Date: 18-04-2020

Two months after the state government launched CharDham Yatra for the first time, from Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Rudraprayag to attract devotees in winter, chief minister Harish Rawat announced that the government will provide better infrastructure, night shelters and eating facilities on way to the shrines from next session.

Rawat government began the Chardham Yatra with pilgrimage to Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri and Gangotri winter worship sites on December 14, after the conclusion of summer Chardham Yatra in mid-October. The exercise is aimed at continuing Holy Chardham Yatra throughout the year.

Rawat said on Wednesday the response it has received since its inception is encouraging. "Like the summer Chardham Yatra wherein over 4 lakh devotees from different states come here to offer prayers despite the flash floods, we want of make the winter yatra a success as well" said Rawat.

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Char dham yatra is one of the most sacred pilgrimages of Hindu religion. In this pilgrimage we visit following temples in the state of uttarakhand in India. Yamunotri Yatra | Gangotri Yatra | Kedarnath Yatra | Badrinath Yatra - Chardham Yatra .

About Char Dham Yatra the name: char dham yatra. Char = four , dham = sacred place, yatra = journey) Most of the people usually start this journey from Haridwar. Haridwar city is in uttarakhand. People start journey to char dham from haridwar and come back to haridwar after visiting char dham.Most of the people visit the 4 temples in the order I mentioned above –Haridwar – Yamunotri – Gangotri – Kedarnath -- Badrinath. -- Haridwar Important: Out of 4 temples above, yamunotri and kedarnath are not accessible by road. You need to trek certain distance. For Yamunotri vehicles only go till janaki chatti and you need to trek 7 kms from Janaki chatti. In case of kedarnath the trek is 14 kms.For Gangotri and Badrinath vehicles go till the temples so no need to trek.The entire journey takes around 9-10 days for most of the people. The entire journey will be in hilly areas only and hence your driver must be comfortable driving in those hilly areas.The char dham temples open from month of May to October only. Most of the people visit temples in May-June time. In October the temples will be closed again for next 6 months.
List of some DO's and DON'Ts during Char Dham Yatra, Safety during Char Dham Yatra

1. Please ensure that you are physically and mentally fit to perform the journey as the Yatra involves trekking at Yamunotri about 6-8 KM, at Kedarnath 14 KM (one way).
2. Do carry sufficient heavy woolens including sweaters, woolen thermal body warmers, trousers, monkey caps, mufflers and any other cold fighting apparel. Other items needed to be carried are wind sheeters, raincoats, sleeping bags, blankets, water proof shoes with sufficient grips, small water proof tents, torch with sufficient batteries and walking sticks. Ladies are advised to avoid sarees. Instead body hugging clothing like Salwar Kamiz, pants, etc is advised.
3. Carry dry eatable stocks with you viz, biscuits, Sugar, Candies, Chocolates, milk powder, assorted dry fruits, honey, lemons and tinned foods and other items suiting your palates. Water bottle, spoons, tumblers, saucers and plates may also be carried. Don’t throw wrappers of chocolates etc. on road or in the forest trek during journey, better to use dustbins if possible otherwise keep it in your pocket and throw when you find dustbin.
4. Registered pony walla, porter, dandy man may only be hired. They are available for prefixed tariffs.
5. Ponies carrying luggage and eatables should remain with you all the time. At no point of time should you get out of touch with them. This is to avoid inconvenience.
6. Move slowly and steadily, as this is an arduous pilgrimage and maintain discipline. Instructions of Yatra officer should be adhered to.
7. Carry sufficient money to pay for your personal expenses.
8. It is advisable to carry your own personal medical kit and First aid box.
9. Alcohol is strictly prohibited
10.Don’t overstrain on steep gradients.
11. Don’t relax at place where warning signs are fixed.
12. Don’t break traffic discipline.
13. Avoid carrying heavy Jewellery during journey.
14. Don’t try to wash hands/ clothes/ bath in the rivers Enroute your Way.
15. “Have a most memorable Char Dham Yatra.”
16.  Drink only mineral/RO Water. 1 liter bottle price up to 35 Rs.
17. GMVN (Gadhval Mandal Vikash Nigam) (Government undertaking) has very good / Safe accommodation provider.

Travel Tips for Char Dham Yatra:-

1. When asking for directions, speak to shopkeepers, not pedestrians. Check with at least two persons or more.
2. Change of place, climatic conditions and food can lead to throat sore. Gurgle with hot water with pinch of salt to avoid enhancement of infection. Keeps some throat soothing lozenges with you.
3. Food-wise anything that is boiled, cooked or fried is a safer bet than anything cold or raw. So avoid cold salads, raw vegetables, drinks with ice etc.
4 .Pack a medical kit with painkillers, antibiotics, cough lozenges and medicines for cold and fever.
5. A small torch is essential equipment as lights can go off at any time.
6. If you are carrying Digital Camera or Handy cam, do carry extra pair of battery, as there is no guarantee if there is electricity for charging you equipment.
7. Do not take pictures if cameras are not allowed in any particular area. Do not play with the sentiments of any particular religion.
8. Always pack a pair of woolen clothes as it is very cold as all the Dhams are situated at high altitude.
9. Carry personal toilet items, they are very useful during the breaks in long journey of Char Dham.
10.Ensure you are physically and mentally fit to perform the journey as the Yatra involves trekking at an altitude of 1,4000ft.
11.At least a month before the Yatra, it is advisable to start preparatory exercises: Even a brisk walk of about 4 to 5 km per day would be beneficial.
12. If you go by Taxi or cab ensure that your driver should not be drunken. its more important in Himalaya's dangerous Road. because they are habituated.
13. If you go by your own car. must be carry service book of vehicle and all India on road breakdown no.

14.  Hire only a registered ponywalla or porter. Don't walk far away from ponies carrying luggage.

CharDham Yatra during rainy season (Monsoons):-

1. Pack empty plastic bags to separate soiled and wet clothes from the rest.
2. To prevent fungal and parasitic infections, keep feet clean and dry. Do not go barefoot.
3. Ensure that your luggage is waterproof.
4. Always carry a raincoat and an umbrella during travel.
5. If possible Please ignore this (Monsoon) season. because of fear of landsliding.